What We Do

Ace Profits Academy is Singapore’s leading Events and Seminar Organiser. We aspire to empower ordinary individuals like you and me with the right skills and knowledge that will help us achieve greater heights in life, specifically in the areas of Wealth, Health and Personal Development and investment seminars in Singapore.

Our Belief

We firmly believe that everyone can transform their destiny through the power of education and taking concrete actions to put that education to good use.

Life is too short to be wasted in an endless rat race. Through acquiring the right skills and knowledge in life, we will be equipped to live life to its fullest potential.  This can only happen when we consciously make the effort to better ourselves.

At Ace Profits Academy, we provide the opportunity for common individuals to enrich their lives through a series of holistic seminars by established speakers with proven track records in the areas of Wealth, Health and Personal Development and also investment management courses. The seminars are focused on teaching specific techniques geared to deliver tangible results and transformations that participants can experience and adapt in their everyday lives.

Since our inception, we have helped many participants in Singapore and around the region to realise their fullest potential, be it at work or play. If you too desire a breakthrough in your life, why not join us on this journey of empowerment and witness the positive changes it will bring for yourself?

Our Partner’s Programs

We currently run some of the top financial and self-development programs in Singapore and Malaysia with thousands of participants. Kindly refer to the programs below for more information.

These are the programs that are currently under our belt:

Always dreamt of publishing your own eBook? Want to tap on Amazon, one of the most popular eCommerce platform in the world? This is the perfect programme for you.

Best Seller Income Seminar focuses on helping individuals create a full-fledged online business by selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle, one of the largest ebook website in the world with millions of readers.

Learn how to generate a good 5 figures monthly income online with only 1 hour a day from the comfort of your own home! No IT knowledge is required.

Systematic Value Investing Masterclass

The Systematic Value Investing Masterclass has helped thousands of participants transformed their lives through Value Investing, a concept used by many of the world’s top investors such as Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch and more.

Forget about reading charts and constantly monitoring the stock markets. This Value Investing Masterclass breaks down complicated investing concepts into simple, easy to understand theory that everyone can put into practice! Simply analyse the fundamentals, invest and watch your portfolio grow over time. Yes, it can be that simple!

One of the all-time favourite, the Property Investment Program teaches you how to scout and purchase undervalued properties. Learn how to negotiate with potential sellers for your purchase as well as how to analyse if a particular property is a good deal.

Investing in real estate is a big commitment so make an effort to invest in your own knowledge so you can reap optimal returns on your investments.


Health is wealth. The Inner Qi programme helps individuals align their subconscious for better health, wealth and happiness. Learn how to live a stress free life with a simple technique that can accelerate your way towards building a healthier body, career and relationships in your life!

Do you know that your date of birth can reveal your life destiny?

Just by using the UCM Human Profiling Method by Dr Bernard Yeo, you can simply use your birth date to decode your life path – in all areas of your life in Career, Wealth, Relationships, Health, Family… and more!

Without answering questionnaires or surveys, the UCM Human Profiling Method is a non-self bias 3min personal assessment that provides a high 90% accuracy of your profile and personality. Find out what your birth date says about your true self in the UCM Human Profiling Seminar with Dr Bernard Yeo!

This is a seminar for all parents who want to unleash the genius in their child!

And wait, we are not asking you to go for more tuition classes and cramp more knowledge into your kids! In the Geinus IQ Seminar, you are going to learn strategies and skills that will help you help your child to be automatically focused and motivated to study and score ‘A’s in ALL SUBJECTS.

They will help build a high self-esteem in your child, so he can be ready to face any challenges in life and become a self-fulfilled adult you can be proud of!

Interested to work with us?

We are always excited to help companies in organising events and seminars in all areas. If you are interested in working with us or finding out how we can help you to market and plan your seminars or events, simply reach us below:

events@aceprofitsacademy.com or call +65 6636 9620

we look forward to hear from you!

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