The Shocking Effect Of Work Stress

Ever had one of those days at work when you want to smash things up or strangle someone? Stress and anger is one of the leading causes of dissatisfaction at work. You hate your lame, meaningless job, yet you feel you got no choice but to stay in, just to earn money to feed your family.

Stress cuts short your life!

There’s a recent study on life span and stress by researchers at Harvard and Stanford. They looked at different factors — layoffs, work hours, benefits, job insecurity and work-family conflict and estimate the effect on life expectancy.

The results? Unemployment and layoffs, and a lack of health benefits had the biggest impact on employee’s life expectancy.

Low job control was the next biggest influence, followed by job insecurity and shift work.

The results of the study are clear: Employers need to provide better and steadier employment terms, health benefits and less working hours.

Stress - business person stressed at office. Business woman holding coffee cup with STRESS written. Overworked and over caffeinated female businesswoman.

Better terms and less working hours?

This probably won’t happen with most Singapore firms here.

What about job security and a guaranteed income every month?

Despite all your loyalty and hard work over the years, companies seldom reward you with what you rightfully deserve, or even worse, betray you.

It’s common to be let go when you’re older, or be forced to accept more responsibilities with no pay increase.

The Best Method to Real Freedom

Many of us don’t like being bossed around, and to keep working and working…all the way till we die. We also don’t like having to keep pushing aside our family life, life goals, or hobbies.

It’s a never-ending vicious cycle and I don’t want to spend my life this way.

Hi, my name is Dominic. Let me share with you how I found a way to manage that. You see, I tried working in a job, but couldn’t stand the low pay and long hours.

I knew that being in a job won’t give me the freedom to properly appreciate life. I wanted a way to grow my passive income.

That’s the only way I could free myself from the corporate rat race.

20150523_092012This is what I call Freedom; freedom to do what you want, whenever you want, without any financial worries.

Over the years, I tested many things I came across –blogging, promoting other people’s products (affiliate marketing), and even created my own software. Despite the lack of success, I pressed on and kept searching for my passive income generator.

I finally found a way to do it through Amazon.




My ‘One of a Kind’ Blueprint

In case you don’t know, Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce website in the world that sells everything you can think of.

Leveraging on Amazon, I invested more time and money into doing this.

Soon, I created my own Blueprint to rake in profits… day after day.

Now I love this business especially because…

  1. Work anywhere, anytime

I can work wherever and whenever I want. In fact, once you have it established, you can keep earning even if you don’t want to keep bothering to put in work.

  1. No Special Knowledge, “Expert Status” or Experience Required

The way I do this is by leveraging on one of the most successful internet businesses of all time – Amazon! And because of that, it doesn’t matter whether I have any special knowledge or “expert” status… or not.

  1. Minimal Time & Energy Required

I can do this with just 1hr a day in my spare time. And on most days, I don’t even have to touch this business because all the systems are already in place. So as long as you have at least 1 hour a day of spare time, you can also learn this method of building passive income and put it to work for you.

  1. No Physical Inventory Involved

Having to handle physical inventory sounds damn tedious. I can’t imagine having to manage physical stocks everyday. This is why I decided to do this.

  1. Most Of The Hard Work Is Done For Us

In my past businesses and ventures, I had to spend a lot of time responding to customers, set up my websites, etc. Needless to say, I got tired of it very quickly. But with this new method, I no longer have to do any of that because they are now done for me…(Yes, I’m 100% serious)

This is why I named this business the “Dominic’s Passive Income System”

You can be a part of this system too!


Many people say they wish they can do what I can, or they wish they have the time or money to live the life I live. Well, you can, and I’ve made it easier by doing it first and making all of the mistakes, and paving the way.

I want to share my journey, what I did and what worked for me. And now, can potentially work for you as well.



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