How Rich Will You Be In This Lifetime?

Everyone want to be rich.
Your friends want to be rich.
Your relatives want to be rich.
You want to be rich.

The truth is…You will be rich!

But the thing is… how rich will you be?

And how are you going to get rich?

Based on a research by Human Behavioural Science (HBS) Profiling Expert, Dr. Bernard Yeo, he successfully proves that the wealth a person can achieve in his lifetime is determined by the secret codes in his birth date.

Secret codes in my birth date?’

According to the Dr Bernard’s ’Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling’ (UCMHP), your date of birth reveals your personal Universal Character, which then enables you to unlock your unique secret codes to achieving success in all areas of your life – health, wealth, career, family, and even your romantic relationships.

Individuals who understand their life secret codes are hence able to unleash their hidden potential to achieve success in life.

This is why you see some people achieve success and wealth with ease, while some struggle even if they are very,very hardworking.

‘What are my secret codes?’

It is very easy to uncover your secret codes using the UCM Human Profiling Method.

Just by taking your birth date “DD-MM-YYYY”, and putting them into the Universal Character Report, all your life secret codes will reveal to you.

You will discover amazing things like…

“Why you are working so hard, and still not achieving the success you want
“Why you are making lots of money, but also losing lots of money at the same time”
“Why you are always quarrelling with your spouse at home”
Who should you partner to propel your business further”
“What are the career paths you should take that will give you more happiness and more success
… and many more!

It doesn’t matter if you’re eighteen years old or ninety… man or woman… or your education status… or even how badly you did it in school as a child.

You can quickly unlock your true potential to find a better paying job, double your salary, forge better relationships with your loved ones …. Or even predict challenges that you will face in life such as health related issues etc.

Uncover your life destiny with Dr Bernard…Live!

Dr Bernard will be hosting a LIVE 1 day seminar in Singapore where he will share how you can take control of your life and destiny using the power of your birth date. All will be revealed by your birth date.


If you want to learn…

  • How to unlock your unique secret codes to achieving success in all areas of your life – health, wealth, academic, career, family and romantic relationships.
  • Leverage and uncover on your Multi-Dollar-Talent’s hidden potential within to create massive wealth
  • Become acutely aware and know how to leverage your strengths, weaknesses, and hidden potentials and apply them effectively every day.
  • Use this inner knowledge to leverage opportunities, manage relationships, and tackle health challenges.

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Thousands of Singaporeans have already discovered their universal inborn strengths, talents and gifts… and used this new knowledge to maximize their potentials to succeed further in all areas of their lives — from business, health, wealth, career, relationship to family success…

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