Retire in Singapore? The hard reality

It’s revealed in a Straits Times survey that most Singaporeans don’t have a good retirement plan.

They are hesitant or too lazy to plan so far ahead. Only to end up using more money than they think they need.

Many of course hope to have enough to stop work and spend time doing what they enjoy, with their loved ones. But few are really taking serious steps to realizing that dream.

How much you need?

In order to retire without compromising your lifestyle, you would need about say, $3,500 monthly after you retire at around 65, all the way till your 80s. This means you would need to have around $850,000. This is just a very basic calculation. Your savings will likely be lessened by HDB flat ($300,000), money spent on family, cars, or medical bills when you’re old. And with increasing inflation rate (around 3% yearly) and cost of living, your salary earned will keep dropping in value.

And you know the most alarming fact?

Many in their 50s realised they are still very short of retirement funds!

Saving money

It is a well-known myth that we can try to save more now, then live modestly when we stop work. Honestly ask yourselves, can you see yourselves giving up everything, scrimp and live like a poor person?

Who wants to save money till we have to change our lifestyle or until we can’t even enjoy life anymore? Or would you prefer to have all the money to spend on buying things you want, to travel and more importantly to have enough to spend on your loved ones?

 Retire early?

Many of us don’t like being bossed around, and to keep working and working…all the way till we die. We also don’t like having to keep pushing aside our family life, life goals, or hobbies.Businessman sleeping at desk

I didn’t want to spend my life this way.

Hi, my name is Dominic and I’m 28 this year. Let me share with you how I found a way to manage that. You see, I realised that being in a job won’t give me the freedom to properly appreciate life.

I knew the only way is to keep growing my passive income and not have to rely on the salary from my job. This is why I eventually came up with a Passive Income Blueprint which has provided me a ‘hands-free’ way of steadily growing my side income.

My Story

I was not born into a rich family. I grew up in an average-income family living in a HDB flat,  where my parents worked tirelessly to provide us with the necessities, and the occasional luxury. I told myself I will be rich one day and treat my parents/family to the good life they deserve, after decades of toil.

I tried working in a job, but couldn’t stand the low pay and long hours.

For a period of time, I obsessed with finding the right way to build passive income. There’s stock investing, owning a business, property investing, etc. However, not every method is suited for everyone. I learned it the hard way. These are some things I tried:

I lost $3,000 after putting $10,000 in the stock market (That’s a 30% loss of capital! Of course, I take responsibility as I probably didn’t know what I was doing)

I spent 3 years and over $30,000 USD investing in online programs which promised to teach me the tricks to making money online (I didn’t even make back $5,000 in those years)

I almost went into MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) selling magnetic bed pads and pillows that supposedly helps people sleep better at night (I quit on my 2nd day when I found out I had to first pitch it to family members and friends)

I created a software service called ArticleSubmitAuto to help people rank higher in search engines. It was good money. But it’s really tough because I had to keep the software updated, reply to customer emails and so on. Until one day Google changed their algorithm, and my business came crashing down.

Trust me, I did a lot more than I listed above. I’ve also tested literally anything I came across – other stuff like blogging, promoting other people’s products (affiliate marketing), etc. Despite the lack of success, I pressed on and kept searching for my passive income generator. I knew there must be a way for me out there. I was right.

I finally found a way to do it through Amazon.

How did I stumble on this opportunity?

It happened a few years ago when some partners first opened my eyes to the idea of being an ebook publisher on Amazon.

Of course, I was hesitant. I never wrote a single book in my life before. And my English isn’t even good.

Long story short, what I found out through lots of trial and error is that the trick lies in how you publish, market, and sell the book. And not on your writing. In fact, I don’t actually bother with writing the book myself!


Now I love this business because…

  1. Work anywhere, anytime
    I can work wherever and whenever I want. As long as I have my laptop and internet connection, I’m good to go. In fact, once you have your business built, you can keep earning even if you don’t want to keep bothering to put in work.
  2. No Special Knowledge, “Expert Status” or Experience Required
    The way I do this is by leveraging on one of the most successful internet businesses of all time – Amazon! And because of that, it doesn’t matter whether I have any special knowledge or “expert” status… or not.
  3. Minimal Time & Energy Required
    I can do this with just 1hr a day in my spare time. And on most days, I don’t even have to touch this business because all the systems are already in place to generate me passive income day after day. So as long as you have 1 hour a day of spare time, you can also learn this method of building passive income and put it to work for you.
  1. No Physical Inventory Involved
    I don’t know about you but having to handle physical inventory sounds damn tedious. I can’t imagine having to do stock-take or manage physical stocks day after day. This is why I decided to do this. With physical products out of the picture, I can save time to do more things that I enjoy.
  1. Most Of The Hard Work Is Done For Us
    In my past businesses and ventures, I had to spend hours every single day providing support to customers, set up my own websites, etc. Needless to say, I grew sick and tired of it very quickly. But with this new method, I no longer have to do any of that because they are now done for me… without me having to spend any money, hire staff, or whatsoever. (Yes, I’m 100% serious)

This is why I named this business the “Dominic’s Passive Income Business”

You Can Be Part Of This System too!

I wish to share my experience with you in greater detail and show you a step-by-step blueprint to start your own passive income business for yourself.

This system will be taught live in a free 3 hour seminar in Singapore. Click the button below to find out more

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