Property Investment Program (PIP)


Investing in property is a major financial step. It is best to approach it with a wealth of knowledge, skills, and awareness before venturing into the project. The Property Investing Program will arm and empower you with market insights and investment strategies. In short, we’ll help you do investment property right.

Property Investment Seminars

The Property Investment Program provides you with the ability to look for and buy undervalued properties, negotiate with potential sellers, and determine if a particular property is a good deal. It is perhaps one of the best ways to know how to grow your wealth in the property sector.

Our Property Investment seminars in Singapore aim to help individuals with average income generate a multi-million dollar property portfolio. Yes, multi-million dollar. In fact, about 80% of millionaires all over the world owe their success to property investments. Others have done it, so can you!


Know the Speaker and His Strategies

Our current speaker, Jerome Tan, was just like you once. He searched for ways to invest in properties with barely any capital to fund his project. It was after lots of research and experimentation that he found little-known investment strategies that would help him grow his wealth by owning multiple properties. Take note: he did it without any capital.

During his seminar, you will learn how to become a millionaire through property investing. While it sounds too good to be true now, remember that a lot of today’s millionaires started out as an average-earning worker, just like you. You will also learn how to leverage other people’s money (OPM) to grow your investment portfolio and retire before you turn 65. You will learn all these – and more!



If you are a Singaporean earning less than $2,500 a month, our Property Investment workshop is right for you. Own up to 10 properties, sit back, and generate substantial passive income within a few years. What are you waiting for?

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