How To Profit From This Billion Dollar “Digital Goldmine”

Are you are reading this article from your mobile, tablet, or laptop?

If yes, it’s good news for you!

Do you know you are sitting on a billion-dollar “digital goldmine” that not many people are aware of, but yet, there are already people making huge profits out of it since 2012?

What is the goldmine I’m referring to? What is this lesser known ’untapped’ market?

It’s called digital publishing.

Let me ask you…

Have you realized companies which rely on traditional publishing (like Borders, Newsweek…) have gone out of business?

Have you realised you are reading more ST news on your devices and less on hardcopy ST newspaper? (do you still buy them?)

Have you realised you are reading more e-books and less on bulky physical books? (Why pay $20 for a hardcopy book, when you can get the same at $0.99, rite?)

ebook-statsWe are living in an era where we can read and consume all kinds of content simply from our phone or tablet.

This is a billion-dollar market as businesses are making huge profits by selling their content in digital formats – e-newspapers, e-magazines, e-books… and many more.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the Big Four auditors in the world, did a research and discover that the amount of e-book sales alone in the United States, will hit US$8.69 billion by 2018. (And we’re just talking about the US only… not the world yet!)

As you can see in the graph, it is an upward trend that more and more people are consuming digital content, more than any other time in history.

Businesses are already capitalising from this growing trend and ranking in millions and millions of dollars, from digital publishing alone. You know the facts, but what can you do with it?

Here’s the big opportunity…

How To Make 5 Figures Simply From Selling Ebooks







Hi, I’m Dominic Tay and I’m a work-from-home internet business owners. For the past 4 years, I have been making multiple 5-figures income by tapping into the goldmine of digital publishing.

I have also helped hundreds of Singaporeans start successful online businesses with one of the largest e-commerce marketplace out there.

Yes, it’s Amazon.

But it’s not about dealing with physical products. Me and my friends don’t like the hassle of maintaining stock and inventory and delivery all that. (I don’t think you like too…)

We make money publishing e-books on Amazon.

Yes, it is a real business publishing and selling e-books on Amazon.

450k-amazon-authorIn fact, Forbes reported that this UK self-published author earns $450,000 a year, just by selling e-books on Amazon.

But you know what’s even amazing?

This author just needs to publish the ebooks, and Amazon does all the marketing and selling for him!

He just needs to wait for sales to come in, and collect his $450,000.


Why I love this Amazon ebooks business, and why you should too!

When I first heard about this business model, I was skeptical at first. Until I see Amazon send me real money I made from my ebooks sales. Cheques roll in like crazy, catching me by surprise!

I simply love this passive income stream. One that has been continuously making me passive income even while I sleep, rest or laze around. This is why I love this Amazon model so much!

I named this the ‘Bestseller Income Blueprint’. With this model…

~ you DO NOT need to create any websites
~ you DO NOT need to manage any physical products
~ you DO NOT need to ship out any products
~ you DO NOT need to find customers by yourself
~ you DO NOT need to do customer support

and best of all…

~ you DO NOT even need to write your ebook!

You Can Be Part Of This System too!

Do you want to learn how you can do this?

Do you want to learn the secret behind this unique income source?

Do you want to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones?

If your answers to the above questions is YES, awesome!

I will be sharing my experience with you in greater detail and reveal the blueprint that could let you start your own passive income business for yourself.

This system will be taught live in a free 3 hour seminar in Singapore. Click the button below to find out more.

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