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The Shocking Thing Most Singaporeans Are Doing That Are Losing Them Money!

Meet Ms. Pauline Teo Puay Lin, an average Singaporean mother of 2 beautiful kids.

Since young, Pauline’s dad, who used to be a civil servant, told her to study hard, go to a good university and then become a civil servant, an ‘iron rice bowl’ job. So Pauline followed in her dad’s footstep and became a civil servant.

Pauline, being young, did not know much about her finances and how to grow them. So along came Ms Amy (name mentioned is not the actual name), an insurance agent. The kind-hearted Amy decided to help Pauline grow her money and introduced her to an investment opportunity. Pauline immediately grabbed the chance at what seemed like a wonderful opportunity. The investment opportunity was investing in unit trust.

Well, Pauline didn’t really know much about unit trust but decided to go for it anyways as she trusted that her kind-hearted insurance agent knows what it is and would not harm her. So invest in it she did! Every year she would invest more and more of her savings into the unit trust, believing it is the best way to grow her money.

10 years gone by…


This was the year 2009. Pauline was very pleased with herself for having invested in unit trust for some years now and is excited to see just how much her money has grown.

Has it grown by 5%? 10%? 20%?! 50%?!!

The tension builds as she checks her investment portfolio. Her lips trembles with anticipation, the corner of her lips slowly turning into a smile. Eyes getting wider every second. And then, her eyes caught the first glance of the sum of money her investment brought.

Her jaw dropped…

She refreshed the page to check the amount again.

“I must be dreaming! This can’t be right!”

The page refreshed again and again, the exact same figure. She slumped on her chair, hands covering her mouth in utter shock. “This can’t be happening!”

It turns out that Pauline’s unit trust investment didn’t grow her money by 10%, or 5%. Not even by 0.05%. It decreased by 40%!!

Even just putting money in the bank would grow her money more than what it did with the unit trust!

The Sad Truth


Isn’t this a story no one wants to be in? However, what if I tell you this is a very common occurrence in Singapore? What if I tell you that most people are on this path of life but just don’t know that they are on it?

Hi, my name is Pauline. I’m a mother of two beautiful kids and I used to be a civil servant. As you probably can guess, that was my story. A story I’m sure most of you have heard of happening to a friend, a friend of a friend or maybe worse still, happening to yourself.


Important Life Lessons

I was like most Singaporeans back then. I knew I had to grow my money to retire comfortably in Singapore. Long gone were the days where being a civil servant sets you up for life with the pension schemes and almost impossible odds of being fired. After losing 40% of my investment, I thought to myself, “How many more 10 years do I have left?” After 10 years and lots of money lost through the unit trust investment, I learned a couple of valuable lessons.

Firstly, never invest in anything that you have no knowledge about. I didn’t know much about unit trust and went in to invest anyways. It’s like spending all your money to buy an oil drill but not knowing where the oil reserve is and just drilling at your backyard. You are as good as gambling, playing a game of chance.

Secondly, it’s ok to listen to other people’s advice. However, only take action after you have researched and found the advice to be valuable. This boils back down to knowledge of the thing you are going to invest in.

My story doesn’t end here! After learning these two lessons, I decided to find a mentor to teach me how to invest correctly and not blindly.

The Blessing


God was kind to me. While I was searching the Internet, educating myself on how to invest, I chanced upon the mentor I so needed. A mentor that changed my life from that very moment.

Fast forward to today, I have collected a total of $49 dollars for every $100 I invested for the past 5 years (about 10% per year). That’s not all! This $49 dollars is ONLY passive income, which means this money comes to me without me even working for it! How many of you would like that?

How many of you would like to have money just coming in to your bank account without you having to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week? You can even be enjoying yourself in Europe (which I did with the $5,700 dividend in 2011) and still have money coming in!

The Power of Value Investing


Remember that I lost 40% of my investment in the past? After learning from my mentor, I achieved 73.09% in capital appreciation (both cash and cpf) and collected 49% in dividends over the past 5 years.

That’s a 162.09% increase on my investment (remember I start from 40% loss) after I learnt from my mentor! That’s after learning the extremely simple system that he has been teaching for many years now.

Because of this system, I’m now a multi-millionaire and am financially free. I no longer need to worry about my family missing out on opportunities just because I can’t afford to pay for it. If my kids want to go on overseas trips, I can afford it.

Easy to learn system

This system is very easy to learn. It turned an investing idiot (me) into a multi-millionaire. If I can do it, why can’t you? I have seen many people in their 40s and 50s achieving good results after learning the system. If they can also do it, why can’t you?

Great results

This system gives proven great results. People are complaining about the 4% interest rate on their CPF Funds. Using this system, I managed to increase that to 140% in 5 years! I’m not trying to brag about my achievements. I want to show you how good this system is and just how achievable the results are. These aren’t just numbers I plucked from the sky. These are numbers I achieved.

Little time needed

You might think to achieve these results, you would need to invest long hours everyday. What if I told you that you can invest with just a few hours a month? That’s how much time I invest everyday! It’s that little time investment needed. Whoever said that you must work very hard to become rich definitely didn’t come across this system.

Are you suitable?

Now, though this system is really effective, I believe not everyone will appreciate it. Therefore, I really hope that this system is taught to only people who appreciates and are serious about changing their lives.

Do you want to lead a comfortable life with your family?

Do you want to know how to grow your money the correct way?

If the answers are yes, I believe you are appreciative of this opportunity and would be serious in learning this. You are now invited to explore this proven system, which helped me create my current lifestyle. Click the button below to find out more about this amazing system and start transforming you into a smarter and profitable investor. Join the vast amounts of people who have changed their lives for the better.

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