Millionaire Investor Program (MIP)

1512749_10151878780043722_1675545148_nMILLIONAIRE INVESTOR PROGRAM (MIP)

As Singapore becomes one of the world’s most expensive cities, you need to do whatever it takes to secure a financially stable future. One way to cope with the rising cost of living and beat inflation is investing as early as now.

The Millionaire Investor Program aims to transform the lives of ordinary people like you through Value Investing, a strategy used by some of the best-known investors, like Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham, and many more.

Today’s the time to be smart and to stop following your stock broker blindly. Consistent ROIs are not achieved through luck, but through awareness and skills – skills that we can teach you!


Investment Concepts Made Easy

Our Millionaire Investor Program breaks down complicated investment concepts that confused and intimidated you. We turn them into a simple theory that even investment newbies can understand and apply in their lives.

Gone are the days when you have to read charts or obsessively follow the stock market. You just have to study the basics, sit back, and watch your investment portfolio grow over time.


Enhancing Your Knowledge and Application of Value Investing

Ace Profits Academy partners with 8I Education to offer Value Investing seminars so even ordinary people like you can learn how to earn passive income using simple investment strategies. We are also offering a free 2-hour value investing workshop on a first-come-first-served basis.

In these seminars, you will learn how to apply the investment strategy used by one of the world’s richest investors, and the method to generate 25% returns annually. You will also know how to identify undervalued and profitable stocks easily with a simple formula and generate passive income stock dividends.


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