How To Make Passive Income By Capitalising On Huge Trends (like Pokemon Go)

If you walk around Singapore today, you can easily find people using their phones to ’catch creatures’ wherever they go.

Yes, that’s Pokemon Go for you!

This game’s popularity has shot through the roof! People are rushing from places to places, throwing virtual balls on virtual monsters everywhere they go, at every hour of the day!

These ‘Pokemon Trainers’ are not only spending long hours playing daily, they are also spending real money to buy virtual money (aka Pokemon Coins) so they can level up faster…

Now. Let’s take a step back and observe this world wide phenomenon.

Because if you know what this huge trend is about, you can make huge passive income from it! 

You see, in every huge trends, there is big money to be made, even if you are not the developer or the trend-setter. You don’t have to create a viral app to make money.

Here’s an example.

amazon-pokeguideInstead of just playing the Pokemon Go, can you publish an ebook on “How to find the top 3 rarest pokemons in a day?”

Millions of people worldwide are playing this game, and almost 100,000 new players started every day.

Can you imagine how much you can make just by selling this ebook to 0.01% of the pokemon players?

You just have to create this ebook once, and you can sell it multiple times (since its a digital copy), generating huge passive income for you!

(By the way, someone has already published a Pokemon Go guidebook and already selling like hotcakes on Amazon!)

If you think you’re late in the game, don’t worry, Pokemon Go is just one idea only!

Do you know there are Singaporeans already using this system to build passive income streams for themselves in many hidden, uncommon, or even weird trends?

Do you know they are already earning passive income even before Pokemon Go was out?

This passive income system is really simple. Let me share with you why.

With just spending less than 1 hour a day (much less than what you’ve been spending on Pokemon), you are able to

– Discover profitable trending topics or evergreen hot topics

– E-publish books in an international marketplace with millions of hungry buyers

– Bring in additional, recurring passive income with a one-time effort

Even better news is that,

  • No complicated website to create
  • No physical stuff to manage
  • No customer emails to reply

You know what’s the best part?

You DON’T even need to write your own eBook and you also DON’T need to spend hundreds of dollars just to get it created for you!

You Can Be Part Of  This System too!

Do you want to learn how you can do this?

Do you want to learn the secret behind this unique income source?

Do you want to make passive income from huge trends, instead of  being paying consumer?

If your answers to the above questions is YES, awesome!

I will be sharing my experience with you in greater detail and reveal the blueprint that could let you start your own passive income business for yourself.

This system will be taught live in a free 3 hour seminar in Singapore. Click the button below to find out more 

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