How To Invest In Singapore Properties (Regardless Of Cooling Measures)

Singapore is known for a few things – its famous food, its safe country.. and one more

Its rising property prices!

Here’s the fact – Singapore property prices have been rising consistently for the past 10 years. Because of its limited land size, Singapore is probably one of the best countries for property investments. Whichever property (HDB or private) you buy 10 years ago, it would have at least doubled in price now.


Properties have been selling like hot cakes to Singaporeans and foreigners… to the stage that the government has to set cooling measures to curb the demand in 2010.

For the past 6 years, new cooling measures are introduced every year to make property investment less attractive, and to bring down the prices. However, despite all these measures, investors are still going into property markets to snap up undervalued properties!

Is there something about these savvy property investors that normal investors don’t?

How does these investors get good undervalued properties, even in such period with heavy cooling measures?

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photo (1)To find out how to really invest in properties in Singapore or elsewhere, we met up with Dr Patrick Liew, a veteran in the property market with over 20 years experience. Mind you, he is not the typical ‘guru’ who just comment on property news, or someone with only 2-3 properties.

Dr Patrick Liew has built up a multi-million property portfolio with real estate assets worldwide! He achieved this by using an ancient war strategy that savvy investors use to invest in properties, become landlords, and receive passive rental income. (more on this below).

This strategy originates from Chinese philosopher, Mencius, or known as Mengzi.

So what is this strategy?

This strategy is simply applying the concept of 天, 时,地,利,人,和 even in property investing and you will discover that everything you need to know about being a successful property investor lies in these 6 words.

天 refers to The Universe
时 refers to Timing
地 refers to Location
利 refers to Value
人 refers to Team
和 refers to Harmony

With these 6 words combined, it became a very powerful strategy that Dr Patrick Liew used to become a successful investor in Singapore and properties worldwide.

This is also the strategy he teach hundreds of his students to own multi-million property portfolio with little or no money down.

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