Internet Millionaire Shares 3 Secrets To Building A Successful Internet Business

Hi, I’m Ewen Chia, and most people know me as one of the pioneers of internet marketing in Singapore, having earning an income on the internet since 2002. (Yes, even before there is Facebook!)

Till date, I have created various internet businesses, and have made over a million dollars on the internet. I even published and shared my business secrets in my international bestselling book “How I Made My First Million On The Internet And How You Can Too!”.

If you have always thought of doing some side business, or creating a real internet business for extra income, then this blog post is important for you.

I want to share with you 3 important secrets to allow me and my students to achieve success on the internet.

1. Find an evergreen market

The most important step to build a successful internet business, is to find an evergreen market. Evergreen market will never go obsolete, and there is always high demand for products and services in the market.

Some evergreen markets includes health and fitness, dating and relationships, weight loss, and personal development. When you build a business in an evergreen market, you can be guaranteed of a constant flow of customers for your products and services.
2. Build a list

There’s a saying goes ‘Money is in the list!’. That’s true. All successful internet entrepreneurs build a list of subscribers and customers so that they can sell to them again, and again.

In all of the internet businesses I run, I emphasise strongly on building a list right from the start. I will then build a strong relationship with them, by adding value and sharing tips to my list, so when I launch a product, my list will be eager to buy from me.

Have you built your own list? If not, start doing now!
3. Keep Learning, Keep Innovating

Do you agree that the internet is changing very fast? You see, when I first started, there’s no Facebook. Don’t even mention Instagram or WhatsApp.

While most internet business principles are the same (like the two secrets above), there are many new ways to improve your business to drive more sales and grow your internet business. No matter how much I’ve made on the internet, I always invest in myself to ensure I stay ahead of the trend, and keep growing my businesses.

Hence, you should always keep learning and improve yourself. Never rest on your laurels or your business will fail.

Yeap. So here are 3 secrets for you to kick start your internet business.

If you like what I share with you above, I have more internet business secrets to share with you in my upcoming seminar.

I will share with you…

  • The 3 Most Important Secrets To Internet Marketing Success (I took 18 years to learn this!)
  • Why you don’t need any technical knowledge or tech skills to succeed in internet business
  • How to make $531.35 a day without any experience
  • Where to find thousands of hot-selling products in minutes
  • How to use an easy Turnkey Step-by-Step system to profit within 48 hours
  • How to get your own internet business Done For You
  • … and much much more.

I’m doing this seminar specially for Singaporeans who plans to start their own part-time internet business to earn extra income out of their day job… but they just don’t know how, or have failed before.

I want to keep this seminar small so that everyone can learn and benefit from it. If you’re keen, click here to register your free seat.
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