How To Live Without Aches And Pains The Natural Way

Are you currently are experiencing some pain or know someone experiencing some pain.

Headache. Stomach Ache. Back Ache. Cramps.

The list goes on…

However, one thing is constant.

The pain always seems to return even after you have ‘treated’ it with medicine.

Isn’t the point of the medicine to cure your pains and prevent it from coming back?

I’m sure you have the same thought, but what choice do we have? We either just endure the pain or see a doctor for a temporary relief.

Now, what if I told you that there is a way to solve this problem the natural way and prevent your aches and pains from returning.

Would you be interested?

If your answer is YES, let me continue sharing with you this interesting concept with I have discovered after studying all sort of topic on meditation, energy psychology, alternative medicine and even subconscious.

What I found was that our bodies have energy flowing through it.

And the body has the ability to heal itself.

This energy has many names.

The Chinese calls it ‘Qi’. The Indians call it ‘Prana’. The Japanese calls it ‘Ki’.

I researched deeply into this mysterious energy.

What I found astonished me!

I found out that Shaolin monks uses Qi to do superhuman things like bending a spear using their throat or smashing stacks of bricks using their bare hands. The more I researched, the more I was curious about Qi.

One day, I made the discovery of a lifetime. This discovery changed not only my life but many others as well.

It is called the revolutionary inner Qi Technique.

body of a beautiful girl in a meditation on the beach

It is using the concept of combine both the Western knowledge (Kinesiology) and the Eastern wisdom (Huang Di Nei Jing).

Applied Kinesiology and its Muscle Strength Testing Technique is a technique can locate whether your internal organs are functioning well and pinpoint the location of problem areas.

Huang Di Nei Jing’ is a fundamental guiding book for Chinese medicine for about two thousand years. Energy flows through us like a stream of water. Sometimes, the stream gets blocked and it cuts off this energy to certain parts of our bodies. This is why we get aches, pains and other problems.

By combining these 2 methods, it have help many people around the world to live without aches and pain the natural way.

To learn more about this technique, do check out this article by clicking the link below.

Wish you aches and pain free. 🙂


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