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How Come This Singaporean Auntie Has Many ‘Ang Moh’ Names?

Meet Mdm YS Ang, age 63. She is also known as Diana Davis, Mary Patterson, Sally Donalds, Lydia Jagger, Debbie McGough…

mtm_sarongpartygirlWhy? Definitely NOT because she wants to be a Sarong Party Girl who has many rich ‘Ang Moh’ boyfriends…

Because having these actually helped her to build a solid income for her retirement. Read on…

Mdm Ang has a dream… To be a writer and earn build a passive income stream from royalties for her retirement. However, she has only primary school education and has no mentor to guide her along.

Harsh realities of life have made her postpone her dreams.

Now her son, Dominic, has grown up and she wanted to dip her toes into the world of book publishing.

Domeatchick(1200X627)Young Dominic was well aware of that and wanted to help his mother in that.

By some divine intervention, a good friend opened Dominic’s mind to the new possibilities of selling simple ebooks on Amazon. Of course, he was very skeptical at first. Until the earnings from their ebook project started rolling in like crazy. Sales were in the thousands within the first month of launch!

Dominic was excited. He immediately told his mother about this. Mdm Ang was excited initially, but then she said, “Ah boy ah, Ma’s English not good. Internet also not good. How to sell ebooks huh?”

“Don’t worry Ma. Just follow exactly what I teach you. The first step is to find you an ‘Ang Moh’ name,” Dominic said.

“How huh?”

“Close your eyes. What’s the first ‘Ang Moh’ name you can think of?”

“Princess Diana lor!”

“Ok. See this magazine? What is first ‘Ang Moh’ surname you can find?”

“Err…. Davis lor.”

“OK! Your name will be Diana Davis!”

Then Dominic showed her mother the step-by-step blueprint on how to publish her very first ebook.

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Mdm Ang then took massive action, spending just one hour a day. Within the 3 days from Mdm Ang’s book launch, she made USD367 worth of sales. Within the following month, she made close to USD3000, just by selling ebooks on Amazon!

Subsequently, Mdm Ang continued to create more ebooks, using different ‘Ang Moh’ names.

Unlike what you may think about selling stuff on Amazon…
~ you DO NOT need to write the book yourself
~ you DO NOT need to create any website
~ you DO NOT need to manage any physical products
~ you DO NOT need to ship out any product
~ you DO NOT need to find customers by yourself
~ you DO NOT need to do customer support

You Can Be Part Of This System too!

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Do you want to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones?

If your answers to the above questions is YES, awesome!

Dominic will be sharing his mother’s experience with you in greater detail and reveal the blueprint that could let you start your own passive income business for yourself.

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