How Amazon lets me travel like a boss

Most of us love travelling. Discovering new places, visiting old favourites or just the thought of getting out of Singapore for a weekend, excites us. Why are we willing to spend on travel and endure the occasional discomfort? Many do it to escape reality and to run from the never-ending work that always chases us.

But is travelling truly stress-free and the liberating experience we always seek?

  • The biggest worry, even before you set foot on that plane at Changi Airport, is the expenses and costs just for one holiday.
  • The second worry, is finding the ‘right time’ when you can take leave from work, and trying to sacrifice as little of your precious annual leave as possible.

Often, the vacation becomes a whirlwind trip of squeezing as many activities as possible in the shortest time.

And after the vacation, you are faced with a flood of emails, missed calls, and to-do lists that has accumulated like crazy. Time does not stop for you to get over post-holiday blues.

Tired of being stuck in this tedious loop of working months just to earn yourself a short and expensive holiday?

Travel Slow

I always wanted more out of life. That’s why I believe in the idea of travelling slow and easy, fully immersing in different cultures and enjoying the most of your travel experiences. You’ll feel less rushed. You can take time to really see the sights and explore different places. That also means more opportunity to connect with people, be it other travellers or locals, which can really enrich your experience.

Easier said than done. “How can I really travel when I don’t have much money?”

Or if you’re quitting your job to go on a long adventure, “How will I possibly make money while traveling?”

Hi, my name is Dominic and I’m a work-from-home internet entrepreneur. Let me share with you how I could do that. A few years ago, I was a Singapore Polytechnic student studying Biotechnology. I’ve always had the dream of making my own money instead of working for someone else. I knew having a job wouldn’t give me the freedom to fully appreciate life.


Believe it or not, before I started my internet business, I didn’t enjoy travelling. Simply because I hated budgeting for it. Airfares, accommodation, transport, food, spending money, and the tricky business of keeping track of all that with a foreign currency.

Now that I’ve caught the travel bug, I want to see more of the world. And my business has grown. Giving me many, previously missed, opportunities to hit up dream destinations with my family.


The best part is, since this system gets me Passive Income, it offers as little commitment or hands-on time as possible.

Nothing could keep me from lounging in a café watching the world go by..


Or getting lost in quirky neighbourhoods


How did I stumble on this opportunity?

When I first started, I honestly thought I would live the first few months not making any profits (like many other ventures I tried in the past).

However, I managed to profit right from the start with $20 earned on the first day!

I know, that’s not exactly a lot of money but its still money nonetheless.

I swore then to dedicate myself to making this online business model work no matter what.  I was focused, desperate and determined and it paid off.

I invested more time and money into doing this. Soon, I formulated my own blueprint to rake in profits… day after day.

And now I love this business especially because…

  1. Work where you want
    I can work location independent. No need for tedious office commutes. I can work from home, or while travelling, in cafes or hotels. As long as I have my laptop and internet connection, I’m good to go. In fact, once you have your business built, you can keep earning even if you don’t even want to keep putting in work.
  2. No Special Knowledge, “Expert Status” or Experience Required
    The way I do this is by leveraging on one of the most successful internet businesses of all time – Amazon! And because of that, it doesn’t matter whether I have any special knowledge or “expert” status… or not.
  3. Minimal Time & Energy Required
    I can do this with just 1hr a day in my spare time. And on most days, I don’t even have to touch this business because all the systems are already in place to generate me passive income day after day. So as long as you have 1 hour a day of spare time, you can also learn this method of building passive income and put it to work for you.
  1. No Physical Inventory Involved
    I don’t know about you but having to handle physical inventory sounds too tedious. I can’t imagine having to do stock-take or manage physical stocks day after day. This is why I decided to do this. So with physical products completely out of the picture, I can save time to do more things that I enjoy.
  1. Most Of The Hard Work Is Done For Us
    In my past businesses and ventures, I had to spend hours every single day providing support to customers, set up my own websites, etc. Needless to say, I grew really sick and tired of it very quickly.

You Can Be Part Of This System too!

I wish to share my experience with you in greater detail and show you a step-by-step blueprint to start your own passive income business for yourself. Simply click the button below to fill in your name and email, and I will get in touch with you shortly