The Half-Millionaire NS Boy: How A 24 Years Old Build A $500,000 Stock Portfolio While Doing National Service

kelvin-corporate-3Hi, I’m Kelvin Seetoh. You may have seen my interview with Channel Newsasia or Shares Investment on how I, started from 19, single-handedly hit half-a-million-dollar mark through stock investing by 24 years old.

I started learning about investing in my poly years, and I went on to build up my portfolio to $100k during my first year in the army, and reached $240k by my 2nd year.

Just before I ORD, I invested in a company that eventually double my net worth. After my NS, I have also gave up my government scholarship and tertiary studies to take up a role as a business analyst in a listed investment company.

“$500K During NS? Sure Not?”

You may be wondering how a young chap who just completed NS can create so much wealth within such a short period of time. Yes, I can say it is an impressive achievement compared to my peers, and I can tell you it is achieved using a proven and legit strategy that many successful people have used it too (more on this strategy here…)

Since young, I always have this dream of becoming rich, and that explains why I study so hard and get top grades in my polytechnic. It was also that time, I learned about stock investing from my lecturer, who is a former fund manager.

From there on, I got excited and started investing, even while I’m studying. However, like everyone who started, I had my beginner’s luck too. Investing is much like ‘picking Toto numbers’.

I got lucky in some stocks, but lost quite a bit in some too. However, my real breakthrough in investing came when I started learning from mentors who are successful investors themselves, and who have a proven methodology to investing.

kseetoh-cna-screenshot“What Strategy You Use To Make $500,000?”

There are many strategies out there to make money from stock market, but I choose the Value Investing strategy, the method used by famous investors like Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, Sir John Templeton, and many more.

They have used this concept to grow and compound their wealth multiple times.

To put it simply, Value Investing is about buying shares in a right company, that will grow and compound your money by 20-25% every year, and may even generate passive income for you.

Now, if you have:

– tried investing on your own before but failed
– lost money in stock investing but want to give it another try
– want to learn the right stock investing strategy to compound your money safely

Then I want to share with you the value investing workshop that is run by my mentors.

It is a complimentary 3 hours Value Investing Workshop to show you how to use the Value Investing Strategy to grow your money wisely and safely (better than letting you money rot in the bank).

Click the button below to secure your Free seat before its full house!

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