Free Yourself From Retrenchment

If you have been keeping up with the news lately, you would know that our economy has started taking a turn for the worse. Over the past few months, more companies are laying off employees.

More and more people are getting retrenched every day.

And those that’s the hardest hit? Middle aged professionals. They are too expensive to for their companies to retain. And too old for any employers to want to hire them.

After all, I saw how my parents dedicated their energy and lives to their jobs… only to be betrayed by their companies when they were replaced by young workers who are cheaper to hire and easier to train.

This is the plight that highly-skilled employees and middle-aged workers face!

“At this age, and with many years of experience, some firms say we are overqualified for the job,”, “We are open to lower salaries, but are companies willing to give us a chance?”.

It is really sad, but more common for laid off, degree-educated managers to resort to going for lower skilled or temporary work just to to support their families.

Even if you’re still in a job, your salary has probably stagnated, as companies now have to cut costs. This gives you barely enough money to tide over the downturn and rising expenses.

Those with heavy financial obligations such as mortgages, car loans, elderly parents to support and their children’s school fees, had to serious change their lifestyle.

Who honestly wants to have to scrimp and save till we can’t even enjoy life anymore?

Or would you prefer to have all the money to spend on buying the things you want, and more importantly to have enough to spend on your loved ones?

family sleeping on the bed with money sign concept

My Story

I know for sure, that I don’t want to spend the rest of my life at the mercy of cold-hearted employers.

To be trapped in jobs you don’t love, and have no choice but to hang on for as long as possible. Just because you badly need your salary.

I was determined to create my own special source of income and rise above the merciless rat race.

After all, I tried working in a job, but couldn’t stand the long hours, rigid culture, and low pay.

I knew a job wouldn’t give me the real sense of security I was looking for. Besides this form of Active Income can only earn you so much.

And once you get laid off, or you QUIT because you decided you’ve had enough, your income simply STOPS.

That is why you can never achieve Financial Freedom this way.

Singapore bank note and coin

I knew that to really live well in expensive Singapore, you have to build up a large source of passive income. This is what separates the Rich and Happy, from the rest of the masses.

After I left my job, I devoted my time to trying out different methods to create passive income in Singapore.


I’ve dabbled in stock investing, property investing, blogging, promoting other’s people’s products, and even created my own software. However, not every method is suited for everyone. It all depends on the amount of time, energy and money we are willing to put in.

Trust me, I did a lot more than I mentioned above. I’ve also tested literally anything I came across – other stuff like blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. Despite the lack of success, I pressed on and kept searching for my passive income generator. I knew there must be a way for me out there. I was right.

How this discovery changed my life

It happened a few years ago when some partners first opened my eyes to the idea of being an ebook publisher on Amazon.

Of course, I was hesitant. I never wrote a single book in my life before. And my English isn’t even good.

Long story short, what I found out through lots of trial and error is that the trick lies in how you publish, market, and sell the book. And not on your writing. In fact, I don’t actually bother with writing the book personally!

At last, I finally found my special Passive Income stream. One that has been continuously making me passive income even while I sleep, rest, or laze about. Now I’ve formulated my own blueprint to rake in profits… day after day. And I only need to put in just 1 hour a day!

Now I love this business because…

  1. Work anywhere, anytime
    I can work wherever and whenever I want. As long as I have my laptop and internet connection, I’m good to go. In fact, once you have your business built, you can keep earning even if you don’t want to keep bothering to put in work.
  2. No Special Knowledge, “Expert Status” or Experience Required
    The way I do this is by leveraging on one of the most successful internet businesses of all time – Amazon! And because of that, it doesn’t matter whether I have any special knowledge or “expert” status… or not.
  3. Minimal Time & Energy Required
    I can do this with just 1hr a day in my spare time. And on most days, I don’t even have to touch this business because all the systems are already in place to generate me passive income day after day. So as long as you have 1 hour a day of spare time, you can also learn this method of building passive income and put it to work for you.
  4. No Physical Inventory Involved
    I don’t know about you but having to handle physical inventory sounds damn tedious. I can’t imagine having to manage physical stocks day after day. This is why I decided to do this. With physical products out the picture, I can save time to do more things that I enjoy.
  5. Most Of The Hard Work Is Done For Us
    In my past businesses and ventures, I had to spend hours every single day providing support to customers, set up my own websites, etc. Needless to say, I grew sick and tired of it very quickly. But with this new method, I no longer have to do any of that because they are now done for me… without me having to spend any money, hire staff, or whatsoever. (Yes, I’m 100% serious)

This is why I named this business the “Dominic’s Passive Income Business”

You Can Be Part Of This System too!

What if you can still earn an income after you stop work? What if it can easily pay for all your current expenses and more?

Imagine going to bed every night, only to find that your bank account has got more money than it had last night. Or enjoying yourself on a holiday, come back and find out your bank balance increased again!

Isn’t that awesome?

Do you want to able to achieve all that?

Do you want to create a better life for yourself and your family?

I want to share my experience with you in greater detail and show you a step-by-step blueprint to start your own passive income business for yourself.

This system will be taught live in a free 3 hour seminar in Singapore. Click the button below to find out more 

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