Ex-Engineer Reveals His Secret Of Building A Profitable Online Business That Lasts…

terence-tan-stageHi, I’m Terence Tan. You may know me as one of the most sought-after experts in internet marketing, and may have also seen me speak at seminars in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, USA, Mexico sharing the stage with Blair Singer, International Best-selling author and Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki.

For the past few years, I have been teaching my online marketing secrets (more on this later), impacting and touching more than 10,000 lives, helping students make 5-6 figure income simply from the internet.

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But I was just like you a few years ago…

I’m living my dreams now, making a high income from the internet, and at the same time, teaching and helping thousands of people to do the same.

But you know what? I was just like you a couple of years back.

man-stressedAfter I graduated from NTU, I worked as an engineer for a multi-national engineering firm. Like all graduates, I believed that if I worked hard at my job, I’m going to rise up the ranks and be rewarded with promotions and salary increment.

For my first year in the company, I put in 12 hours of work a day, leaving home before the sun rises, returning home after the sun sets. I thought working long hours in the day, handling various leadership roles, and even answering late phone calls from my boss at night, will help me get promoted fast.

And yes, after my first year, I got promoted!

I was so happy that my handwork has finally pay off!

I still remember on the day of my promotion, I was so excited to open my letter to see how much pay increment I receive.

And guess how much pay increment I got?

$300? No.

$100? No.

A freaking $30!

All the long hours of toiling day and night, all the initiative to take on leadership roles and added responsibilities, and all the sacrifices I made just add a tiny $30 more to my already meagre salary.

That’s the lowest point in my life.

I wondered if I have to work even longer hours (is 12 hours not long enough?), and handle even more projects and leadership roles, just to get higher salary… for the rest of my life?

I reflected, and researched for a way out of the rat race.

I discovered the power of Internet Marketing

It was at this moment of research, where I found out Internet Marketing. I attended an Internet Marketing Conference in Singapore and saw that there are real people making 5 to 6-figures monthly income from the internet, working a couples of hours a day only!

However, like everyone who first heard Internet Marketing, I was skeptical. However, I did not give up as it is one of the ways that can get me out of my dead-end job.

For nights and days, while working full time, I spent 3-4 hours every night trying to make a side income from the internet. Weeks went by, and I had no results to show. My wife questioned me if Internet Marketing is real. I also started to have doubts as I failed to make a single dollar even after so many spending hours trying to make it work.

And I made my first $39USD online!

piggy-bank-sunshineI persevered, and continue to learn from masters who have succeeded from Internet Marketing. And finally, my first success came after lots of hard work – a 39.95USD commission from a affiliate product I promoted! (hey, more than my pay increment yea?)

This made me realise that making money online is possible, and it is just a matter of scaling up my business to making 399USD, 3995USD and more.

This gives me hope that my dream of quitting my job, spending time with my family, and earning a good income simply from working a couple of hours a day on the internet, can become a reality!

And whats even better?

I can decide my own income, give myself ‘pay increments’ from my internet business however much I want, and never have to rely on working crazy hours just to impress my boss to give me $30 more a month.

What’s the best internet business model today?

Building a successful internet business is not easy, and definitely not get rich quick. But if you work hark and master powerful online marketing skills, you can be sure to see your bank account fatten everyday from your marketing efforts.

However, many people, even after putting in lots of hours, still struggled to make any money from their internet businesses.

Most of the time, they work on the WRONG internet business model.

The internet business model I worked on, is not about building high traffic websites or selling stuffs online. Yes, these models are profitable, but I have moved up from the business of ‘digging gold’, to the business of “supplying tools to gold diggers”. This business model is much more lucrative, and yet fairly unknown.

This internet business model has helped me and many other Singaporeans to become successful internet marketers and generating a comfortable income working a few hours a day only.

In my proven internet business model:

  • You Do Not Need to do any coding or programming
  • You Do Not Need to build or design any websites
  • You Do Not Need to sell physical stuffs on Qoo10, Lazada, or Amazon
  • You Do Not Need to do any copywriting or write sales letters
  • You Do Not Need to find customers yourself
  • You Do Not Need to use complicated internet tools

In fact, with this business model,

You will make money without any products or customers of your own
You will get paid before doing any work
You can scale this business and sell to customers anywhere in the world
You will be even be the ‘go to guy’ whom marketers will pay you to drive traffic to their online businesses

I want to show you how you can profit from this little-known business model.

Click the button below to register for my Free Insta Traffic Secrets Seminar, where I will spend 3 hours teaching you how to build a profitable online business simply by ‘supplying tools to gold diggers’.


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