Why I Quit My Full Time Job To Start My Internet Business

“If you don’t study hard now, you will have no future”
“Without a good degree, how to get a good job?”

Are these phrases familiar? 31467_10151418348820912_867723230_nHi, I’m Huey Chun, and those are the phrases my parents said to me when I was growing up. Being their son, I heeded their advice. I studied really hard and got into Nanyang Technological University (NTU), pursuing a degree in Accountancy.

The thing is, I totally disliked this course. I had zero interest in what I am studying for. What would I like to do then? Taekwondo. I’ve been in this Martial Arts for years and I dream to start my own taekwondo school.

However, my parents’ idea towards a stable and wonderful life seemed to be a much practical one. Isn’t this situation familiar to many Singaporeans? Studying something they don’t really like in university just because their parents told them to?

I don’t blame my parents. They only wanted the best for their child. For a more secure future. But is this really the best path for myself? Am I going to live the rest of my life living someone else’s dream of what it should be like? This made me embark on my own journey to explore my own world.

The Beginning

img1The internet was booming at that point of time. Many successful internet entrepreneurs were made one after the other. I went on to learn about SEO, email marketing, paid surveys and even stocks investing.

I bought online courses to learn about these things and spent a total of about $1,000 on this whole venture, but to no avail. All these attempts had failed. At the same time, I met Ivan, my classmate, in NTU who was also working on making an internet business work for him. Later which, we became good friends and business partner.

After graduation, I worked for one of the big four auditing firms, KPMG, with a starting salary of $2,700 per month. To some people, entering a huge company like KMPG would make them feel financially secure, all set for the future. True, there was some stability in an MNC.

However, my life in KPMG was extremely boring. The same routine every day. Get up, go to work, do menial things, go home, sleep. This repeats day in and day out. The pace of life was very slow and I felt no value in what I was doing.

The Turning Point

img2I realise that doing this job is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. Looking at my university friend, Ivan, he was slowly making his internet business work for him. At the same age, he was already driving his own Mercedez Sports Car. What am I doing with my life just working for someone else? It was then when I realise that having a normal job just isn’t worth my time. If Ivan can do it, what is stopping me?  I immediately quit my job of just 1 year and dive right into my own internet business.


The Start Of Something New

The start of anything new is always the hardest, the most grueling and the most trying times. There are no exceptions.

My journey towards a better life was riddled with obstacles, obstacles I was determined to overcome no matter what.

I didn’t have much savings starting this venture, just a few thousand dollars. I used all the savings I had and invested into my ‘New Life Creator’, my business. I had no backup plan. This is it! This is all I had! It’s either I succeed or I will die. I refuse to accept the possibility that I could fail and die. My life is hanging on the balance and I gave myself no choice but to succeed. I breathe, spoke and thought only of the success of my ‘New Life Creator’. I need to be successful.


img3The obstacles didn’t take long to arrive; capital. Capital is my number one concern. As you probably know, you need capital to grow a business. And yet, I didn’t have a lot of it. In order to overcome this obstacle, I decided to restrict my meals to only hawker centres, eating the cheapest food at the same ‘cai fan’ (mixed rice) store every day. I had a habit of saving up coins back when I was a student and stashed up quite an amount of coins. Now, I finally had the chance to use them.

In order to restrict myself from drawing out unnecessary cash from the ATM, I used coins to pay for every single meal. Coins and only coins. 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents. You name it, I’ve got it and have used it for my meals. I’ve use so many coins at the same store to pay for my meals that one day, the store owner told me, “I don’t want to take anymore 5 cents from you already!” I still remember his exact words till this day.

I was desperate for more capital, more capital to grow my business. I went to apply for any and every credit card I could find in Singapore, but none was successful. In a desperate attempt, I decided to do what most people would never dream of doing. I took two blank cheques the banks sent me, and I took a loan of about $10,000.


Well, after reading this article, you can say I did, Huey Chun.

Life After Embarking On My Journey

img4My work hours were crazy. I worked for more than 18 hours a day, sleeping only about 4 hours per day. Even during the 4 hours of sleep I didn’t sleep the full 4 hours. I would wake up every 2 hours to and check on my business. You must be thinking, “That’s crazy! You had less life than when you were working in corporate!”

Well, it wasn’t craziness you see. It’s the pure determination of a guy who would do whatever it takes to succeed.


Happy News!!

img5After making losses for about 3 months, I was finally able to make my business profitable! I was making a profit of about $1,000!! I was elated! Over the moon! This little success renewed my faith in myself and my business. My perseverance paid off!

From then on, life just got rosier and rosier for me, earning more and more per month. I’m a happy man! Walking around with a leap in my step.

Now, I am a 5 figure a month happy man, earning money while I spend time with my family. Not only that, I now have the capability to start multiple businesses and I started my own Taekwondo School. I finally have the ability to fulfill my childhood dream.

Life Purpose

Life-Purpose-ResourcesI’m not telling you these to brag about what I have achieved in my life. I’m sharing my story mainly because of two reasons.

Firstly, I want you to know that life is filled with obstacles. Never give up! Persevere on and you will reap the rewards.

Secondly, I want you to know that there are people who can live their dreams and do what they really love doing in Singapore. Its not only for the few privileged ones. Its for everyone. For me, for you, for your family, for your friends. EVERYONE!

I am living my dream and I know just how good, how blissful and just how wonderful it is to live your dreams. I would like, if possible, for everyone in Singapore (and even the world), to live their dreams and be happy.

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