The Closely-Guarded Secret Behind Facebook’s Billon-Dollar Ad Revenue

fb-mark-zHave you ever wondered why Facebook earn billions of dollars a year, when you don’t even pay a single cent to use Facebook to chat with friends, to play games, or watch funny cat videos every day??

Ok, you may know the answer.

Advertising. And they earn quite a lot from it!

In 2015, Facebook earned a revenue of US17.93 billion dollars. From advertising alone, they made 5.2 billion!

But that’s just half the story.

Let me share with you the REAL business model that makes Facebook its billions.

terence-tan-vertHi, I’m Terence. Many Singaporeans know me as one of the most sought-after experts in internet marketing, and may have also seen me speak at seminars in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, USA, Mexico sharing the stage with Blair Singer, International Best-selling author and Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki.

For the past few years, I have been sharing with my close group of friends about this secret business model. Some of them have used this simple model to make 5-6 figures income from the internet – just like what the big internet companies like Facebook are already doing.

How does Facebook make billions from advertising every year?

If you understand how Facebook make its billions, you can simply ‘copy and paste’ its model and make a huge income for yourself too.

Facebook is not just a social network.

Facebook is a “traffic supplier” to millions of companies in the world. Statistics show that there are more than 3 million businesses paying Facebook to advertise their products and services.

Facebook can attract 3 million businesses to pay them religiously for advertising, because they have a enormous database of 1.65 billion users, or “1.65 billion people worth of traffic”, from all over the world! (Yes, they have more ‘citizens’ than the whole of China now!) 

This is also why Facebook is aggressively growing its database to cover the entire world (and seriously trying hard to enter China!). Because Mark Zuckerberg knows the bigger the database, the more traffic they can sell, and the more advertising dollars they can make!

“So what if I know all these about Facebook?”

To many other people, these are just numbers that ‘Wow’ them. They will go back to their normal boring life, scroll through Facebook to watch funny cat videos.

But you are different.

You know the secrets of how Facebook make its billions.

If you’ve read until here, I can safely say that you want to know how you can “copy and paste” this model and make a huge income for yourself, simply from the internet.

Like what I’ve said earlier, I’ve been sharing with my close friends how they can use this “Facebook money making model” to make 5-6 figures income using the internet. I called this the ‘Insta Traffic Secrets’ model.

With this model, you will earn money just like how Facebook did it:

You Do Not Need to sell or deliver any physical products (Facebook don’t have to do it right?)
You Do Not Need to find customers (Instead, customers will flock to you!)
You Do Not Need to do any programming or coding (And no need complicated tools also!)


You can sell to customers anywhere in the world (just like Facebook!)
You will be the ‘go-to-guy’ where businesses will pay thousands to buy traffic from you (…just like Facebook!)
You can run this business anytime and anywhere that has internet (isn’t that awwweeesome?!)

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