Can You Be A Successful Businessman?

Let’s say you have only one second to think of a businessman.

Chances are, ‘Bill Gates’ would be one of the first names to pop up in your mind.

The richest person in the world, Gates has a net worth of US$75 billion.

If you’re wondering whether you can achieve the same level of success as him, here’s the good news: you may have more in common with him than you realise!

Does this mean you can actually be as successful as him?

Before we answer this question, we must first know one of the most valuable skills that a businessman needs to have.

Ideally, a businessman should know how to network to build relationships with like-minded people, spread the word about his business and attract potential customers.

For some of us who are more introverts than extroverts, this can be a problem. But it’s not the end of the world.

Meet Ewen Chia.

Ewen didn’t like to get out and meet new people. He didn’t like to talk to strangers. And he didn’t like to make cold calls.

Yet, today, Ewen is the owner of a million-dollar company.

It’s the result of an online business that he started in 2002, and has expanded ever since.

Using the Internet, Ewen could work from home. He could interact with others over e-mail and social media. And he could put out ads to sell his products.

He became so good and successful at doing business over the Internet that in 2008, he wrote and launched a book called ‘How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!’.

The book went on to gross over US$4 million.

So apart from being a successful businessman, Ewen is also a bestselling author!

And he achieved all these without having the traits of a businessman.

What he does have is his Universal Characteristic (UC) number of 6.

Those who have the UC number of 6 are introverts. But at the same time, they are survivalists who are especially capable of controlling their own wealth and prosperity.

Wait, UC number? What is that?

Your UC number is derived from the Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling (UCMHP).

By using UCMHP, you can – with just your date of birth – calculate your UC number and discover your strengths and weaknesses!

To put it simply, your UC number reveals your true self.

Once you know your true self, you can unlock your hidden potential to achieve success not just in your wealth and career, but also your health, family and even relationships!

Each person has his or her own UC number (ranging from UC numbers 1 – 9, which are shared between the 7.5 billion people on Earth).

So it doesn’t matter how old you are … or how many qualifications you have now … or even how well or poorly you did in school as a child. As long as you are a human (we assume you are if you are reading this!), you are bound to have something in common with one of the successful businessmen!

Here, we want to ask the question again.

Does this mean you can actually be as successful as Bill Gates or Ewen Chia?

The answer is YES!

All you need is your date of birth. With that, you can discover your hidden potential, choose the correct path to success AND take control of your life!


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