2 Secrets to Retire Early in Singapore

551976_10151080604128800_477310705_n (1)Hi, my name is Dominic. I’m 28 this year. Let me share with you the steps I took to kick-start my online business. A few years ago, I was a Singapore Polytechnic student studying Biotechnology. By then, I already had a dream of making my own money instead of working for someone else. I knew having a job wouldn’t give me the real sense of security I was looking for. After all, I saw how my parents dedicated their energy and lives to their jobs… only to be betrayed by their companies when they were replaced by fresh graduates who cost much lesser money to hire. So, I began searching for all the different methods to make passive income in Singapore. As you may already know, there are so many ways to build passive income. There’s stock investing, owning a business, property investing, etc. However, not every method is suited for everyone. I learned it the hard way. These are just some of the things I have tried:

  • I lost $3,000 after putting in mLost Money!y first $10,000 into the stock market (That’s a 30% loss of capital! Of course, I take responsibility as I probably didn’t know what I was doing)
  • I spent 3 years and over $30,000 USD investing in online programs which promised to teach me the tricks to making money online (I didn’t even make back $5,000 in those years)
  • I almost went into MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) selling magnetic bed pads and pillows that would supposedly help people sleep better at night (I quit on my 2nd day when I found out I had to first pitch it to my family members and friends)
  • I created a software service called ArticleSubmitAuto to help people rank higher in the search engines (Google it and you’ll find many people recommending it to their friends and others at one point of time. Now, to be fair, it was good money. But it’s really tough because I had to keep the software updated, reply to customer emails and so on. I was literally working my butt off)

Trust me, I did a lot more than I listed above. I’ve also tested literally anything I came across – other stuff like blogging, promoting other people’s products (affiliate marketing), etc. Despite the lack of success, I pressed on and kept searching for my passive income generator. I knew there must be a way for me out there. I was right. It was after I discovered the 2 secrets that helped me during my entrepreneur journey…

The First Secret

Rising Cost Of LivingThe first secret is… to leverage on the pain of retirement.

I knew that to retire comfortably in Singapore was hard. Hence, I used that pain which motivated me to find a solution.

Yes, I know. It’s may sound obvious.

But isn’t it true that the cost of living and medical fees in Singapore is rising each year? So, how can you fully retire with a peace of mind?

After speaking to many Singaporeans, I was surprised to know that while many want to retire earlier, many of them are actually afraid to do it!


Simply because going into retirement would mean zero income! No money in, but money still goes out.

Worse, with inflation, our basic expenses are only going up, up and up. The price of a bowl noodles might double in another 10 years time! How do I know this? Fish ball noodles used to cost only about $2, but fast forward 7 years later, the average is now $3.50, soon reaching $4.

It’s no wonder why the retirement age in Singapore just keeps rising.

Now, does this really mean that you just have to work until you can no longer do so?

Of course not!

So how can you avoid falling into the same trap? Well, this brings us to the next secret…

The Second Secret

03-TheSecondSecretsThe second secret is knowing how to grow your money and making money work for you… not the other way around!

This is the best secret of millionaires I have ever found that changed my life, as I believe it would yours too.

Now, consider this …

What if you could still earn an income after you stop working? What if it could easily pay for all your current expenses and more?

Imagine going to bed every night, only to find that your bank account has got more money than it had last night. Or enjoying yourself on a holiday, come back and find out your bank balance increased again!

Isn’t that awesome?

That’s literally how I felt when I discovered how to create passive income for myself. And I firmly believe, having passive income is the only way to retire early.

How My Discovery Changed My Life

My LIFE CHANGED!When I first started, I honestly thought that I would live the first few months not making any profits (like many of the other ventures I did in the past).

However, I managed to profit right from the start with $20 on the first day!

I know, that’s not exactly a lot of money but its still money nonetheless.

I decided to invest more time and money into doing this. Soon, I formulated my own blueprint to rake in profits… day after day.

And I love this business especially because…

1. No Special Knowledge, “Expert Status” or Experience Required
The way I do this is by leveraging on one of the most successful internet businesses of all times. (No, it’s not Google) And because of that, it doesn’t matter whether I have any special knowledge or “expert” status… or not.

2. Minimal Time & Energy Required
The next best part about is I can do this with just 1hr a day in my spare time. And on most days, I don’t even have to touch this business because all the systems are already in place to generate me passive income day after day.

So as long as you have 1 hour a day of spare time, you can also learn this method of building passive income and put it to work for you.

3. No Physical Inventory Involved
I don’t know about you but having to handle physical inventory sounds too tedious to me. I can’t imagine having to do stock-take or manage physical stocks day after day. This is why I decided to do this.

So with physical products completely out of the picture, I can save time to do more things that I really enjoy.

4. Most Of The Hard Work Is Done For Us
In my past businesses, I had to spend hours every single day providing support to my customers, set up my own websites, etc. Needless to say, I grew really sick and tired of doing them very quickly.

But with this method that I discovered, I no longer have to do any of that because they are now done for me… without me having to spend any money outsourcing or whatsoever. (Yes, I’m 100% serious)

This is why I named this business the “Dominic’s Passive Income Business”

You Can Be Part Of  This System too!

I wish to share my experience with you in greater detail and show you a step-by-step blueprint to start your own passive income business for yourself.

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