What Your Birth Date Says About You

Have you ever wondered…

  • What makes certain individuals more successful than others?
  • Why do some people have to work hard to achieve results while others make it easy?
  • Is he/she the one to marry?
  • Am I cut out for the job I’m in right now?
  • Will I enjoy a long life?
  • Will I be wealthy?

Is it coincidence… or destiny?

Hi, my name is Dr. Bernard Yeo and I am the founder of the “Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling” (UCMHP)… a proven methodology that reveals your Universal character, which then enables you to unlock your unique secret codes to achieving success in all areas of your life – health, wealth, academic, career, family and romantic relationships.

Years ago, I started studying Human Behavioral Science (HBS) Profiling, in a bid to understand the intricacies of the human mind and character.

It intrigued me to find out, “Is there a universal characteristic that makes people tick, and allows them to achieve greater success more easily than others?” I pondered and embarked upon the quest to explore this intense question.

During my extensive and in-depth research analyzing individuals of more than 12,000 people, I found out that there were 9 fundamental unique character types.

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These archetypes and universal truths in human behavior can influence and shape a person’s life path and outcome.

My research does not involve religion or superstition or guesswork. It is statistical, mathematical and scientific based.

424435_478618532202706_911151266_nHence, in 2013, I was conferred Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Human Capital Development and Human Profiling for my extensive research.

What is UCM Human Profiling (UCMHP)?

UCMHP is the analysis of human personality using our Date of Birth and integration of Pythagoras’ Character Development Theory and other scientifically proven research.

Today, the UCM Human Profiling is a tested-and-proven methodology that reveals your Universal Character which then enables you to unlock, then leverage on your unique secret codes to achieve success in all areas of your life-health, wealth, academic, career, romantic relationships.

Projecting the future

It doesn’t matter if you’re eighteen years old or ninety… man or woman… or your education status… or even how badly you did it in school as a child.

You can quickly unlock your true potential to find a better paying job, double your salary, forge better relationships with your loved ones …. Or even predict challenges that you will face in life such as health related issues etc.

“Whatever is predictable is preventable and manageable”

You’ll discover what your talents are, as well as blind-spots so you can better correct your weakness and maximize your strengths to achieve your peak performance.

I want to show you how you can calculate your own Universal Character Number live in person!

I will be hosting a talk in Singapore and would like to invite you to join one evening with me to show you how you can take control of your life and destiny using the power of your birth date!

If you are looking to…

  • Unlock your unique secret codes to achieving success in all areas of your life – health, wealth, academic, career, family and romantic relationships.
  • Leverage and uncover your Multi-Million-Dollar-Talent hidden potential within you.
  • Become acutely aware and know how to leverage of your strengths, weaknesses, and hidden potentials, you can apply them effectively on a daily basis.
  • Use this inner knowledge to leverage opportunities, manage relationships, and tackle health challenges.

Enter Your Birth Date and click the button below to calculate your Universal Character (UC) Number and take control of your life now!


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Thousands of Singaporeans have already discovered their universal inborn strengths, talents and gifts… and used this new knowledge to maximize their potentials to succeed further in all areas of their lives — from business, health, wealth, career, relationship to family success…

Now it’s your turn to do the same

Uncover My Destiny Using My Birth Date Now!