How Amazon Can Help You Kick-Start Your Online Business

Hi, my name is Dominic and I’m 28 this year. Let me share with you the epic story behind my unique income source and steps I took to kick-start this. Some years back, I was a Polytechnic student studying Biotechnology. I then tried working in a job, but couldn’t stand the low pay and long hours.

After that, I dreamt of starting my own business instead of working for someone else. I grew up in an average-income family living in a HDB flat, where my parents worked tirelessly to raise us. I told myself I will be rich one day and treat my parents/family to the good life they deserve, after decades of toil.

I knew working in a job wouldn’t give me the real sense of security I was looking for. I’ve seen how family and friends slave away miserably at jobs they don’t care for, but just badly needed the cashflow. Besides this form of Active Income can only earn you so much.

And once you don’t work, your income stops.

That is why you can never achieve financial freedom this way. No one wants to keep worrying about their bank account for the rest of their life.

I next obsessed with finding the right way to build passive income. I knew that to really live well in expensive Singapore, you have to build up a large source of passive income. This is what separates the Rich and Happy, from the rest of the masses.


Of course, there are many different methods to make passive income in Singapore. I’ve dabbled in stock investing, property investing, blogging, promoting other’s people’s products (affiliate marketing), and even created my own software. However, not every method is suited for everyone. I learned it the hard way. These are some things I tried:

  • I lost $3,000 after putting in $10,000 in the stock market (That’s a 30% loss of capital!)
  • I spent 3 years and over $30,000 USD investing in online marketing programs which was supposed to work. I didn’t even make back $5,000.
  • I almost went into MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) selling dubious products. I quit on my 2nd day when I found out I had to first pitch it to my family members and friends.
  • I created a software service called ArticleSubmitAuto to help people rank higher in search engines. It was good at first. But it’s tough to constantly keep the software updated, reply to customer emails and so on. Then one day, Google changed their algorithm and my business came crashing down

After that, I was at one of the lowest points in my life. I failed at everything, I was lost and didn’t know what to do next.

Until one day a good friend of mine opened my mind to the new possibilities of selling simple ebooks on Amazon. Of course, I was very skeptical at first. Until the earnings from our ebook project started rolling in like crazy. Catching me with surprise!

At last, I finally found my special passive income stream. One that has been continuously making me passive income even while I sleep, rest, or laze about. And I do so by making use of

Unlike what you may think about selling stuff on Amazon, in this blueprint,

~ you DO NOT need to create any websites

~ you DO NOT need to manage any physical products

~ you DO NOT need to ship out any products

~ you DO NOT need to find customers by yourself

~ you DO NOT need to do customer support

You Can Be Part Of  This System too!

Do you want to learn how you can do this?

Do you want to learn the secret behind this unique income source?

Do you want to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones?

If your answers to the above questions is YES, awesome!

I will be sharing my experience with you in greater detail and reveal the blueprint that could let you start your own passive income business for yourself.

This system will be taught live in a free 3 hour seminar in Singapore. Click the button below to find out more 

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