5 Secrets To Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever!

In a few more hours, it is 2017!

This is also the time where we will celebrate and welcome a brand new year.

Now, if you are wishing that 2017 will be a great year for you… or hoping that 2017 will be a better year than 2016.. STOP!

Over at Ace Profits Academy, we don’t believe so much in ‘wishing’ and ‘hoping’.

We believe that anyone can create make 2017 their best year ever by following some simple proven secrets.

We want to help you take charge of your year, instead of ‘hoping or wishing that it will be good’.

If you are ready, here’s 5 secrets to help you make 2017 your best year ever!

1. Be Grateful about 2016

As we say goodbye to 2016, let’s take some time to recollect the happy moments and achievements we had for the past year. Be grateful about the good things you had, the new things you have tried, the little victories you had in work and in life for 2016.

2. Set A Goal, Make A Commitment (No More New Year Resolutions!)

Many people set new year resolutions, like ‘I want to lose weight’, ‘I want to make more money’, ‘I want to start a business’… but 97% failed to achieve any of those. Why?

Many people are motivated because it’s the new year… but their motivation dies on 31st January. In February, they are back to their old self. (sounds familiar?)

Here’s a better way:

1. Set Goals.
Write down what you want to achieve specifically.

I want to learn how to invest in properties and start earning rental income.

2. Make A Commitment.
Nothing will change if you just ‘say it’. You have to do it!
To achieve your goals, you have to take action!

To learn how to invest in properties profitably, you have to do your research, read books, or simply attend talks by successful property investors to increase your chance of success.

3. Learn New Skills

We all know the world is changing. Some skills are getting obsolete, but some skills are in high demand (and getting paid more). If you are not learning new skills, then you will find yourself replaced by robots very soon (it’s already happening).

If you want to achieve more in 2017, be it in making more money or starting a side business outside of your current job, it is important to learn new skills that are in high demand for the future!

And one of the ‘skills of the future’ is learning how to supply and sell internet traffic to business owners who will pay good money for it.

E-Commerce and online selling is a huge trend in 2016 (think shopping sites like Taobao, Lazada, Qoo10), and Amazon is coming to Singapore in 2017. If you are able to tap onto this opportunity with the new skill you learn, wouldn’t it be amazing?

4. Do What You Love

We are entering a brand new year. It is also the time to do things you love, do things that makes you happy. If you have been hating what you are doing, then it is time to stop!

One of the reasons why people are not doing things they love, is they don’t understand themselves! According to a research on happiness, people can only do what they love, if they work on their strengths, not their weaknesses!

Imagine asking an introvert to be a salesman, to talk to anyone to get sales, will he love it? NO!
Imagine asking a person who likes to travel around, to stay in an office working from 9-5, will he love it? NO!

This is why, you need know more about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your hidden talents so that you can do what you love, and enjoy what you are doing!

One of the best and simplest way to discover yourself is to use the UCM Human Profiling Technique, which can reveal your true self, simply based on your birth date. No tests, no surveys. No questionnaires. You can read more here.

5. Don’t Give Up

Many people would have set their new year resolutions on 1st Jan 2017, and given up on 31st Jan… but Not You!

You have set your goals, make a commitment to learn new skills, and will work on it until you achieve them! Do Not Give Up!

We want you to look back on 31st December 2017 (exactly 1 year from now), how much you have achieved by taking action on your goals, and Not Giving Up! You will give yourself a pat on the back for this!
That’s it from us at Ace Profits Academy.

We look forward to providing more value to you, to help you achieve your goals in life!

Happy 2017!