3 Weird Things Anyone Can Sell Online And Make 5 Figures Monthly

Selling things online for a living is quite common.

Selling weird stuffs online to make some money is quite common too.

However, to sell weird stuffs and make 5 figures online, that is quite rare, but some people have successfully made it!

Let’s explore further what they are really selling that makes them 5 figures a month, and how you can too!

1. Sell Ideas

People say ideas are cheap. Nah… these people don’t know how much ideas can be worth!

Everyday, people are looking for new ideas for their work, business, personal lives…etc.

Can you help someone who is starting a business, to think of a business name?
Can you help an Asian parent, think of an English name for his newborn baby?

If you have ideas for all these, you can sell them for a living!

2. Sell Your Voice

Do you know that there are people making 5 figures online, just by recording themselves reading words? They are selling their voice literally, as voice-overs, and that’s a huge industry. People are paying big money for voice-overs to be used in videos, films, ads, and many more.

3. Sell Clicks

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-3-31-19-pmIf this is your first time knowing you can sell clicks to make a living, you’re not alone. In fact, there are already huge companies making lots of money selling clicks online. What’s even better? More and more Singaporeans are making decent 5 figures selling clicks too.

Here’s how this model works.

If you ever owned a website before, the number 1 problem everyone face is traffic.

Just imagine opening a store and having ZERO customers visiting you. Very soon, you will close shop.

That is why many website owners are willing to pay lots of money to BUY clicks for their websites! They want visitors to their website!

And now, what if you are the one selling clicks to these buyers, isn’t that wonderful?

Plus, in this model,

  • You Do Not Need to do any coding or programming
  • You Do Not Need to build or design any websites
  • You Do Not Need to sell physical stuff on Qoo10, Lazada, or Amazon
  • You Do Not Need to find customers yourself
  • You Do Not Need to use complicated internet tools

The best part is you will get paid before doing any work.

And you can scale this model and sell to customers anywhere in the world.

Do you want to learn how you can make 5-figures monthly selling clicks?


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