3 Highest Paying Jobs You Can Do from Home in Singapore


These jobs may seem like the ‘dream’ job that everyone has been looking for.

You do not have to drag your feet to work every morning as most of the time, your home or neighborhood café would be the coziest place to work.

Because these jobs can potentially earn a decent 5 figure income. You can live on that, or even support a family.

Choosing your field is important, but unfortunately not everyone has the talent.

If you do not have the specialized skills, you would be better off starting with number 3.

  1. Graphics Design


If you are a born with the talent for arts and design, you are in luck. Top graphic designers make up to $65 per hour. Consider specializing in infographics because (most) people hate to look at stats. Infographics give people a helpful way to visualize that chunk of information.


  1. Programmer

Computer programming is the rage these days. There are tons of demand for computer programmers and freelance programmers can expect to make up to $60 per hour. Find a company that loves you and you will have a flexible, long-term job.

  1. Selling on the Internet

You can also earn a good income by selling stuff online.

However, many people don’t actually make much money doing this. Most of them do not know what to sell, how to sell and most importantly, how to get customers to buy, moreover, selling physical goods online may take up much effort and time.

Surely, you do not want to start selling online and end up being too busy for anything else in life.

In the back of your mind, you probably hoped that by selling on the internet, you could free up time so that you could do whatever that matters most in life.

Now, if you are still reading,

you are interested in learning how to leverage the internet and using systems to help you earn income online, but you may have the problem…

  • Do not know where and how to start.
  • Do not know how to create websites
  • Do not like to call customers, sell in person
  • Do not have technical skills

Don’t worry, you are in the right place.

Here’s the good news, today you can start to learn how to easily start your own internet business and make thousands of US Dollars part-time…without cold-calling, prospecting, or even selling!

Do you want to learn how you can join other Singaporeans earning good income on the internet?

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